More Oinking

If you are looking for me on another site, my user name is always Piggie4299. Please, feel free to drop me a hello where ever you might find me!

All my art and photography is posted on Deviant Art.

I have a Plinky account which is no longer active, but you can still read my posts there.

Piggie’s Place is the blog I use to talk about my life, share thoughts about mental illness and in general just randomly oink.

My creative writing and essays are over at Writing Hallow. This is a writing group where you are invited to join us.

I have a Piggie’s Creations page on face book as well. This is linked to my blog, but I also share quick thoughts, pictures and any creative events coming up in my life.

I’m on Good Reads if you’d like to read with me.

Over on Pintrest I collect writing ideas, things that amuse me, patterns, crochet tips and of course piggies!

On Instagram I share pictures of the things that I’m currently working on or have just finished. This is where you’ll get the first peek at my projects.

And I have a You Tube account.

I’d love to see you in all the places I wander.