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Things that you can wear, snuggle and kick around in.


Well, the cloak I was working on has gotten scrapped. The pattern was not working for the intended audience. Didn’t bother finishing since it is a drafting for a particular purpose. Thus it was all frogged out. Bleh. I am … Continue reading

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Head Dress 2

Last creative session, I spent 4 hours working on this. Today I spent 1.5 hours. I’m feeling like I got a lot done in 5.5 hours. Over all, I’m feeling really good about this project. 🙂 Started by twisting up … Continue reading

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Cloak Project #1

So, I decided that I should do a practice cloak before I used the nice yarn for Dragon’s cloak. I’m glad I did because the process of figuring out this cloak pattern has been interesting at best. The one I … Continue reading

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Hello Again!

Well, completely fell off the planet there for awhile. Sorry to be quiet here for so long. Just hasn’t been any time for crochet 😦 But things are settling down in my life and I am hoping that regular crochet … Continue reading

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Squiddly Hat 3

piggie4299 on DeviantArt Started making squiddlies years ago. And clearly, you’d want one on your head. So, for the purposes of being helpful and convenient, I’ve made a hat with a squiddly perched atop. Now he can go where ever … Continue reading

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Shawl Complete

So, it’s all done! 🙂 What do you guys think?

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Shawl: Week #3

Worked a few hours on the shawl this week. Sad to think how little time there was for the hook. 😦 Wed was my only day off and I did almost nothing productive. I slept and loafed around like an … Continue reading

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Shawl: Week 2

Time to share some more photos so you can see where I’m at with this crazy project of my weird “sort of rainbow” shawl. You can read the Project Introduction Here. And you can compare to Week 1 over Here. This … Continue reading

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Shawl: Week 1

Project Introduction Here Truth is, I’ve only worked on this yesterday. I’ve been studying and on my breaks I’ve been crocheting. Been a great way to spend a break!

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Drafting Shawl

Onto the next project! Because there is always a next project 🙂 That blue yarn that I bought when I bought yarn to make Robin, is telling me it needs to be made into a shawl. I really have a … Continue reading

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