Weaving in the Ends

Weaving in the ends of your projects is one of the most important things in crochet. It’s not just about getting rid of the hangy bits. It’s also about ensuring that the ends are locked in so that the project cannot unravel.

Use a blunt needle. Give yourself a tail that is about twice as long as the needle you are using.

Run the needle into 6 or 7 stitches and pull the yarn through.

Then moving the other way: skip one stitch, then run the needle back through the stitches you previously ran through. Be sure to skip the first stitch. By running the yarn back through, you’ve made it so that pulling on the project will not release the woven in tail.

Cut off the remaining tail.

Now pull on the project on either side of the woven in end. This will draw in the little piece of tail left poking out.

And that gives you a nicely hidden tail that will stay put. In patterns, this is referred to as “finishing.”


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