Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder

This is getting 5/5 stars from me.

Calling it a ball winder is a bit misleading. It really makes little skeins. They end up stacking up on each other so that they easily store in a box or bin.

It is the perfect tool for gathering together all the left over yarn that I had running around in various sized balls. Because they stack up like this, they aren’t getting tangled up with each other. Huge bonus there! It made it very easy to make the blankets that I’ve been working on.

The clamp opens up a good amount making it easy to attach to a table. And it twists easily.

It winds very quickly. I recommend having the yarn you’re winding in a ball holder of some variety.

My only complaint is that it squeaks when you’re winding. It’s a minor issue.

You can buy it here. Very happy with this purchase.

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