Shawl: Week 1

Project Introduction Here

Truth is, I’ve only worked on this yesterday. I’ve been studying and on my breaks I’ve been crocheting. Been a great way to spend a break!

I’ve decided to use the yarn in double strands. This way, I get a nice heavy shawl and I can mix the colors together. I’m working with a “sort of rainbow” so I want to highlight the idea by working in clear bands of colors.

This was the amount done at the 1/2 hour mark.

I love the visual that the C2C pattern creates. It is still a nice tightly closed fabric that is warm, but it is also wonderfully textured.

I’m not sure that you can see the texture in any of these photos. But each cluster of stitches creates a slight dome. This makes it so that when you lay the project out, every other row is domed up while the next row is domed down.

At the one hour mark, I’d worked in the green and finished the band with the green and yellow.

One of the things that I like about this stitch is that it works up quickly. It’s got a steady rhythm to it. Once I get into that rhythm, I don’t need to really think much about it and can just let my hands go. This makes the project go pretty quickly. Also, each cluster takes up quite a it of space, so each row is a good inch when you’re looking at it from the tip of the shawl.

Wanted to give some perspective on the size of it. But then again, you most likely have no idea how big my hand is. 😛

At the end of the 2 hour mark, I’d worked in the black, completed the black/green band and then worked in the purple. The black is very striking against the other colors. I don’t know what I think about that. Unfortunately, it is one of those things that I won’t really know until I have the whole thing done. But my gut is telling me to leave it alone.

I’m leaving all the ends there and plan to weave them in all in one go once I have the shawl finished. I don’t know what I’m going to do for a trim yet, so I might just catch them all up in a trim or a fringe. We’ll see!

So, I about doubled the length of it since the first set of pictures. Again, my hand there as questionable reference for size. The crochet hook tucked into the corner might be a better reference.

And that’s where I’ve ended the day at. I think I made pretty good progress for one day’s worth of study breaks. Adding up to a total of 3 hours of work thus far.


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