Purple Doll

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This is one of the various Mushroom People that I made. There really wasn’t much intention to make each doll look like a mushroom, but I used a pattern that did create a little Mushroom Person that is named “Toadie.” After making him, I felt that I could do more with the pattern. I didn’t give this little guy a name. He stands about 8 inches tall which is much shorter then Toadie. But he was made from a much finer yarn. This pattern was a lot of fun to play with. I gave this one a jacket and used smaller ratio eyes. These eyes are kinda neat. The way that the light reflects from them makes it look like it has a white pupil, but they don’t. It can be a little creepy though because it makes it look like the doll is always looking at you…

Christmas Projects and stuff 082

Overall, I’m happy with how he came out and I will most likely continue to use this pattern to make other dolls.

One of the things that I like is that there is plenty of room for me to stitch on some detailing that gives each doll a unique look and makes it an artistic project. I could easily put on someone’s name for a personal touch or it could be left blank.

I have been thinking about making one that looks like he has sheet music on his stomach. But that’s a back burner idea since I have several other things that I want to get made this year. I always have a long list of things to make which keeps my hooks busy, but there is never enough time to make every idea that comes into my head…

Christmas Projects and stuff 072
One of the fun things is that the hat isn’t attached. I don’t know why this amuses me so endless… but it does.

I think that I will have to give the next one that I make some hair under his hat. Or I could stitch a design onto his head that compliments the one on his stomach. So far, I haven’t done anything under the hat, but I think there is a lot of potential there.

The other idea is to make several different hats that the same doll can wear, but that seems to need me to come up with a way to make the doll removable clothing with several different outfits to go with each hat.

Christmas Projects and stuff 076
The hat is made from 2 domes that are sown together and then stuffed. This gives it a solid shape and a more 3D quality to it that can not be achieved with just a single dome. The other thing about having 2 domes is that you can stitch the pattern on the outer dome without worrying about it showing on the inside of the hat. It makes for a cleaner finished product. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of the inside of the hat.

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