Christmas Projects and stuff 028I made this guy for my nephew for Xmas last year. I was glad to watch him unwrap it and see how his face lit up. I knew he liked it and that made all the crazy work that I put into it worth every minute of my time. That is always the moment of truth. Seeing how someone responds to the project the first time they lay eyes on it. That’s how I know if I’ve nailed it or not. This one was a project that I was more confident of this year. I knew how much my nephew likes the game, so I figured a character from the game would work out just fine. It doesn’t look identical to the character, but enough so that he knew what it was right away. And then he talked about the other characters from the game that he wanted! All I could think was that I was hoping that the other characters would be easier to carry off. But there are other patterns available for some of the other characters. But we’ll see. He has been asking for a Mega Man helmet too. One thing at a time!

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, this (over there on the left) is the Chomper. It’s a screenshot from the game so I’m sorry that it’s so small. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find colors that I felt were a perfect match to the character, but I feel like they are close enough to pull off the look. The photo of the project makes the green of the lips and spikes look lighter than they really are. The hardest part of this project was the wire work. It is essential though to get the wire work right or the whole project will look stupid. I purchased the pattern for this project from AradiyaToys on Etsy. 

Christmas Projects and stuff 027Over all, I loved the pattern. But there were a few places that I felt the pattern wasn’t clear. The wire work was one of those areas. I really had little idea what it meant in the pattern and honestly, this project would not have been finished if the Dragon had not saved the day by doing all the wire work for me. She didn’t use the pattern. She just looked at what I had, listened to what I was looking for and made it happen. It helped that she also knew what the character looks like. One area that was lacking was that it doesn’t tell you what gauge of wire they use. Secondly, they don’t actually show you how to work the wire, just what the finished frame should look like. The last problem that I had with the wire work was that it wasn’t holding up the weight of the Chomper’s head. I had to improvise and put a rock in the base. If I were to make this again I would make the same as I did this time with the exception that I would make the base brown or a different green so that the Chomper’s stem stood out more. Because there wasn’t a good way to make the leaves hide the base the way that the pattern called for.
Christmas Projects and stuff 025All in all? I feel that this was a successful project. I think that the pattern was worth my money. And I will continue to buy things from her shop. But, I would not recommend this pattern for those who are new to crochet, have never done wire work (unless you have a handy Dragon) or who don’t like to improvise and tweak things to make them work. I recommend using a heavy yarn. I used cotton and that worked well. You want something that won’t wear easily from the wire being moved around inside the project. This is a shelf item though and isn’t likely to be handled much. It is not safe for younger children and the wire work would not stand up to play.

What do you guys think? How’d my Chomper turn out? Maybe it’s my vanity, but I think it turned out looking better then the 2 plushies that the company put out. You can look at them here and here

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