Making Robin (The Yarn)

I went over to Yard Goods and I picked up the yarn for this project. I got 100% cotton.

img_7711I love this yarn. I’ve used it to make all kinds of projects and it’s my first choice when making cotton dolls. This yarn indicates it’s for a 4mm hook, but it’s great for the 3.5mm hook.

In general, cotton is my first choice for making dolls. It is durable and washable which makes it an excellent choice for dolls. Even dolls that are going to be displayed rather then played with. Shelf dolls have to contend with dust which require washing and cotton dolls are easier to wash.

You can get yourself some of this beautiful yarn from their website. The variety of available colors is a bonus, 125. Not many lines of cotton yarns can claim that many solid color varieties. That last thing that I love about this yarn is that it isn’t coarse or stiff the way that many cotton yarns can be. Beautiful yarn that’s worth every penny.

And, of course, while I was there I saw these other yarns that were lovely. I bought two skeins of yarn that had nothing to do with the project. But I’m sure that you all understand how sometimes you have to buy yarn because it is just lovely. No other reason. Even though it has nothing to do with the project at hand. I love the color of this yarn and it is so amazingly soft. I just have visions that at some point it will become a shawl. But we’ll see.

The extra yarn in question is the blue yarn on the left hand side in the photo below.


The rest of the yarn in the photo is what I bought to make the Robin and Harley Quinn dolls.

I was good and only came out with two skeins extra. Going into a yarn store is dangerous business. All too easy to drop way too much money and come out with way more then intended. I could fill an entire room (or more) just with yarn. Because having yarn is like having a bin full of promises. I promise I will make you a warm hat. I promise I will make you smile. I promise that I will draft you that crazy doll you always wanted. What’s better then having a bin full of promises?

One of the nice things about doing these two dolls together is that they share a lot of the same colors. With this size of skein I will not be using all of it; even between the two dolls. So, I have plenty of yarn to work with. Since this is the type of yarn I work with when I am making any of this style of doll I have no real problem with having a stash of this kind of yarn kicking around in a bin. And let’s be honest: I have no real issue having a stash of yarn kicking around in a bin of really any kind.

However, there is one down side to this yarn. I absolutely hate this style of skein. I swear that when I look at this type of skein it immediately transforms into a flying spaghetti monster.


Does anyone else have this problem or does this yarn just have it out for me?

The first thing that I always end up doing is turning it into a ball so that I don’t end up turning it into a giant mass of knots and tangled mess that my wonderful Monkey then ends up untangling and turns into a beautiful ball.


This is time consuming to do, but in the end it takes less time then untangling them.


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