Using Stitch Markers

One of the times that I find stitch markers exceptionally useful is keeping track of the beginning of the round when you are working continuous rounds (you don’t slip stitch together the rows or turn the project). If you mark the beginning stitch and there are the same number of stitches in each round it makes it so that you don’t have to count the individual stitches in each round.


The pain in the butt part is that these are really small stitches (the project you see here is Robin’s head) and when you get a bunch of stitch markers all together in one spot they can be difficult to work around. The way that I get around that is: when I come to the starting point I drop the stitch marker down to another stitch lower in the project. This way I still know what round I am in but that it doesn’t cluster up at the top of where I am working at.

This way your stitch markers are still counting the number of rounds worked but they are not up in the part of the project where your hands and hook are. In the photo that above, you can see that there are 3 stitch markers counting that I have worked 3 rounds towards the number indicated in the pattern. But 2 of them have been dropped down. 1 counts the last round I’ve worked and also marks the start of the round.

That way I know where the start of each round is as I’m working around without having to count the stitches. And when I come back to the beginning of the round: I will drop the stitch marker down with the others, complete the first stitch of the round and then mark it with a stitch marker. Then I’ll keep going with the round.

That’s one way to keep track without having that cluster at the top. You can also use the stitch marker at the beginning of the round and then use a click or turn counter to track the number of rows completed. This way you don’t have more then the one stitch marker in your project at a time.


The thing that I like about using the stitch markers in the project rather then using a counter is that if I have to set the project aside and go back to it later the stitch makers are attached to the project and I don’t have to worry about the stitch counter getting moved and the count getting changed. I know that the stitch markers are always going to be correct because they are attached to the project.

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