Crocheted Animal Hats


Crocheted Animal Hats: 15 Patterns to Hook and Show Off


by Vanessa Mooncie

These hats are really cute and they are fun to wear. I just made some for Xmas presents and they were well received. But this book is a pain in the ass to use. It has you flipping from one section of the book to another to make one hat. I hate that shit. When I made a hat, I discovered that very little of the hat pattern is actually under that section of the book. Most of it is referring you to other parts of the book. I find this very annoying. It would be a little easier if this was a spiral bound book so that it would stay open while I was crocheting. I found the patterns themselves to be fairly well written and straight forward. They have both the written and diagram format which I thought was nice. I am not generally a diagram format person, but I like it when they include more then one way of explaining something for the times that I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be doing. In the back of the book is a section that explains how to do all the required stitches and how to make all the various other pieces. This was nice. I have never been very good at making the twisted cords and they gave a pretty good explanation and method in this book. With some work at it, I ended up with some pretty reasonable looking twisted cords. I do recommend buying this book if you like making crazy critter hats. It gives you a great hat base, with great pieces and animal parts that can all be easily modified to make tons of other animals or even monsters. I found making photocopies ahead was helpful. Read through the pattern you want to make and then go through the book and photocopy all the pages that you will need. This way you can lay them out flat in front of you while you work and you can put them in the order that you will need them. You could really do this with each pattern and just have a packet for each hat done up ahead.

I’ll be posting the Tiger hat that I made following the pattern in this book. I will also be posting the skunk hat that I made using pieces from this book along with some “make it work” from my head. Those were both Xmas presents.


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