Oddish Pattern

Oddish Pattern

4/5 stars


This was a really fairly easy pattern. I disliked the way that the leaves worked up and ended up making my own. It didn’t take me very long to make. The only reason it took me more the 0.5 hour was because I was messing around with making my own leaves and was being picking about the placement of the leaves.

The only real challenge with this pattern is that it is so small. When ever you are working with such small pieces it makes things hard to hold onto. When you compare mine to the picture in the pattern you can see that I ended up with a shorter body with a pointer end on the bottom. Not sure why that was. Did it twice too.

My biggest peeve with patterns is when they don’t indicate the amount of yarn I’ll need. It really doesn’t give a clear size. When it said that it fit in your palm I was thinking more like a soft ball sized guy. I ended up with a golf ball sized guy. Not a big deal in the case of this project, but I prefer to know how much yarn to expect to use.

This pattern lost a star because I disliked the way the leaves worked up, ended up with a weird point and because there were no yarn amounts. The leaves really is a minor issue. The weird body point is a problem because even when I re-worked it I ended up with the same result. This means the directions are either flawed or unclear to me. Likely unclear to me since others have had no issue with this pattern. And the lack of yarn amounts seriously annoying.

Overall, good pattern and I would use it again. I would also try other patterns drafted by Nerdy Knots.

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3 Responses to Oddish Pattern

  1. ToadieOdie says:

    Scholar Owl loved it when you gave it to him for Christmas so I guess the point on the bottom couldn’t have been that bad?


    • piggie4299 says:

      Yeah, he probably didn’t even notice. But it does effect the way that it stands. In fact it will only stand if you get it just right. Which kind of sucks. But since it has a ball to live in it doesn’t end up being too big a deal, but this pattern didn’t come with that ball pattern so I figured I’d mention the point on his bottom. Maybe I should have mentioned why it I thought it was an issue! Thanks!

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