Stitch Counters


There are a ton of different brands and styles out there. I have the Susan Bates counter.

5/5 stars

Yes, I use this as well as stitch markers. I tend to use the stitch markers to mark the rows while I use the stitch counters to keep track of the counts within the row if the row is complex or long. I generally use this for blankets, but occasionally when I am making hats or critters.

The one down side to this style of counter is that it is small (like many other crochet tools) and I dropped one. It is no where to be found. The up side is that they are not super expensive. Sadly, I am often dropping crochet things. Luckily, Monkey usually finds them again!

These can be used instead of stitch markers. Sometimes when working with really fine yarns tracking the rows with this is the only option since the stitch markers won’t fit in the stitches without stretching them out. I haven’t found a good stitch marker yet for some of the fine work I do, but if I stumble on something in my travels I will let you know!

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